For outsourcing of e-commerce fulfilment, customer relationship management, support for international projects, and the development of transportation plans, these companies have all chosen the expertise of Viapost.


The Eden Park brand sells a high-end clothing and accessories range for men, women and children as well as a Homeline collection for interior decor.

Inspired by the world of rugby, the Eden Park brand is continuing to grow through online sales. The brand chose to entrust Viapost with its e-commerce fulfilment to better meet its customers' needs.


The customer's needs:

Eden Park was looking for a trustworthy partner who could meet its needs in terms of quality and customer service. It wanted experience in managing order seasonality, optimised management of a range of collections, and above all, the ability to offer premium order preparation services.

Our solution:

Customised, high-quality service

We the entire order fulfilment chain for Eden Park, from order preparation to the transfer of goods to carriers, as well as returns management. Orders placed on the Eden Park website enjoy VIP preparation comparable to that in the brand's stores: items are packaged in tissue paper, gift wrap, or shopping bags, with personalised notes.

Dedicated space and special processing

On one of our apparel specialised sites, handling almost 10,000 orders and stocking more than 100,000 SKUs, including items on hangers, we have provided Eden Park with a dedicated area to store its 15,000 items, representing 6,000 SKUs.

Adaptability and responsiveness

We have demonstrated our skills in adapting human and technical resources to manage the seasonality of Eden Park orders. We have strengthened the website’s mechanics and optimised operational processes, to guarantee a tailor-made response to our customer’s needs.


The results of all the resources we have deployed to meet Eden Park's specific needs can be seen in the quality of the service offered, in terms of both shipping and delivery times and inventory optimisation.

Anne Vallier
Director of Purchasing Logistics at Eden Park

“ The services offered, adapted, and implemented by Viapost teams meet our current and future operational needs —including overseas business-to-consumer development—and our requirement of high-quality customer delivery. ˮ