Entrust your e-commerce fulfilment and logistics to Viapost and focus on your core business. Rely on the supply chain and e-commerce logistics experience of our teams to offer your customers a uniform experience, whether you are a brand, mass merchant or online only retailer.



Faced by the challenges presented by increasingly demanding customers with ever-changing purchasing behaviour you need to to provide a consistent customer experience. Delivering the right product in a timely manner is a given in your business, but it is no longer enough. To boost your growth and win new contracts responsiveness, flexibility and innovation must be at the heart of your logistics approach.


When you partner with Viapost, you can focus on your core business and enjoy the very best in omni-channel fulfilment: tailor-made solutions that facilitate the exchange of data between suppliers, stocks, stores, carriers and customers.


Viapost offers a tailor-made solution to manage the key steps in your e-logistics management: from receipt and storage to order preparation, delivery and handling returns.

Regardless of your business sector—cosmetics, textiles, furnishings, or leisure goods—we provide the most appropriate solution for efficient distribution of your products to your customers. Our information systems (WMS, TMS) and our cutting-edge technologies are the bedrock of our expertise. Whether through solutions developed by our own teams or the integration of solutions such as "pick to light", voice orders, and our mechanised production units—with partners like Hardis, Savoye or Fives Cinetic—our systems adapt to your needs and are able to adjust rapidly.

We are your support system for your sales strategy, helping you manage activity peaks, arrival of new collections, adjustment of stocks and preparation of expired collections for shipment to outlets, flash sales, stock sampling for fashion shoots, marketing operations, trade shows and other special operations.

We offer you the following services:

Receipt of goods

Products are delivered by your suppliers to one of our european fulfilment platforms. They are checked and received by our stock management service. A customer portal lets you track the status of your stock in real time.

Secure storage

To guarantee optimum service quality, we provide fully secure warehousing for your goods. Our european fulfilment centres are equipped with sophisticated monitoring systems, including video surveillance, volume alarms, anti-vandalism cameras, multiplex recorder, electronic control gates and protection of delivery bays by infrared barrier.

Order preparation

Orders placed by your customers are recorded in our information systems. Items are then taken from stock (picking), scanned, packaged (e.g. box, kit, or envelope). Since personalisation of orders is a determining factor in your marketing strategy, at your request we provide gift wrapping or silk paper wrapping services, or any other document insertion or personalised note.

Order traceability

Our cutting-edge technologies and our processes allow us to maintain very close traceability with a high rate of service level. We scan item bar codes in order for the information system (WMS) to validate compliance of the order preparation. The order may be prepared on pallet, in a package, or as a single item.


Your products are shipped Europe or worldwide according to an optimised transportation plan developed with your input. Our excellent connections with the main carriers mean that we operate extended operating hours and limited load changes.

Management of returns

Goods returned or not collected by your customers are handled on receipt by our european fulfilment platforms. These returns are managed according to a personalised process, shared with you before the service is provided. VIAPOST thus adapts to each specific feature of its customers' distribution network. For management of pan-European returns, we have developed a specific and very innovative solution, allowing you to offer your customers a secure, expedited process.

Going even further

You want to offer your customers new services, fine-tune your international positioning, or add a new dimension to your business? Our research and development division, always on the lookout for new trends, anticipates future patterns and supports you in your development projects. Find out about our solutions.


The customer experience involves multiple channels: customers order from home after a visit to the store. They want to receive the product at the store or at home.

The complexity of behaviors requires responsive logistics, and Viapost implements order preparation processes that suit these behaviors. Obviously, restocking of stores is the core of our expertise. This highly complex process is based on business-to-consumer preparation techniques.

Transport and delivery

Learn about Viapost's shipping solutions in Europe and worldwide.