European leader in e-commerce and retail logistics, Viapost offers a range of innovative solutions to help merchants develop their businesses across Europe and further afield.



Viapost combines the experience of Morin Logistic and Orium, France's two leading e-commerce fulfilment experts.

Together they bring a new logistics approach to the market under one single brand. Viapost provides a comprehensive range of end to end services aimed at online and offline retailers for store, distribution or home delivery.


A combination of expertise and innovation with supply chain strategy consultancy provides a complete and unified solution for brands, online-only and omni-channel retailers.

Viapost is well-represented throughout France with locations close to the main large cities (Paris, Lyon, Lille, Angers) and throughout Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland). Using cutting-edge technological architecture, our industrialised platforms manage all of your products and systems with ease. Our 1,000 employees are trained in the logistics business to guarantee you a high level quality of service, and our promise is to provide a customised and appropriate response to all of your needs.

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Orium, founded by Olivier Moreau in 2004, combined the activities of distance sales (fuflilment) and call centre operations, with the idea of developing a back office able to meet the broad but specific needs of e-commerce. This is a business field which from 2005 became known as e-logistics. This innovation allowed the company to approach the supply chain from a new angle, combining fulfilment with transport and customer relationship management. These skills were attractive not just to pure players but also to companies working in the fields of distribution and manufacturing, and to brands entering the e-commerce business as part of a domestic and international cross-channel development strategy.


Morin Logistic

Morin Logistic, founded by Christian Morin in 1954, has handled outsourced logistics for many e-merchants since the early 2000s.

Thanks to a strong experience in pure-player logistics and shipping, Morin Logistic is well-versed in the specifics of online store logistics for all types of products (textiles, furnishings, decoration, shoes, cosmetics, high-tech products, etc.), all sales channels (online stores, multichannel sales, private sales, and flash sales), and all shipping volumes (from a few dozen to many thousands of packages per day). Besides its specialisation in e-logistics, Morin Logistic has developed a strong experience with manufacturing customers by taking over their business-to-business logistics.


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