The development of commerce and the digitisation of the customer journey have become game-changers for companies facing a complex equation: how to grow and develop while remaining profitable on an ultra-competitive and increasingly digital market without borders.



Given the new realities of connected commerce, we are convinced that logistics is an area where companies can stand out from the competition. Merchants need the support of a logistics provider able to manage and orchestrate the exchange of data and products to connect stocks, suppliers, stores and customers.

For us, connected logistics means strong commitments to honour each and every day:

Logistics must be reliable in order to be a driver for growth

It is clear that logistics goes hand-in-hand with increasing sales. Logistics means preparing the correct order for the correct person, within contractual deadlines.

Logistics allows you to extend your product range.

Consumers have a choice and they can find anything online, including your competitors. In order to stand out from the crowd and conquer new markets, you need to offer consumers the widest possible range and be able to inform them immediately about product availability. Timely preparation of the order requires precise orchestration of flows between stocks of goods (logistics platform, supplier, store). Thanks to your e-commerce fulfilment provider, your products are accessible and your range is extended.

Logistics helps keep the promises made to the consumer.

For delivery to homes, stores, pickup points or automatic pickup terminals... Logistics can help you in all of these situations by offering the best carriers and allowing you to track orders throughout the process and keep your customers informed.

Logistics also means effective management for the returning of goods.

The merchant must provide for returns in its business model, offering return locations throughout Europe where the product may be identified. The logistics provider must develop solutions to facilitate product returns or swaps.

Logistics is your partner for customer relations.

Your logistics provider gives you current information on the thousands of orders managed daily. The data is precise, to help you maintain an efficient and proactive relationship with the customer, especially in the event of a dispute.


See the white paper produced as part of the debate held on April 4, 2014, by La Poste, in partnership with Les Echos. Text in French only.

Our added value

Viapost is aware of your needs and the challenges you face, and provides you with the most relevant tools for your business. Our expertise in logistics—innovative and customer-oriented—revolves around four main themes: