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At Viapost, we offer combined solutions for logistics, industrial maintenance and road transport. We support you in all your supply chain needs, from sorting to order preparation, including equipment maintenance and the routing of your parcels and flows.

  • Logistics

    At one of our warehouses or at one of your logistics platforms, we take care of your sorting and preparation of your orders.

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  • Industrial Maintenance

    To ensure the continuity and performance of your logistics activity, we maintain your logistics tools for sorting, conveying, order preparation and assembly.

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  • Transport

    We negotiate and supervise the road transport of your goods for you, by developing our links with transporters committed to biofuel, biogas, electric and hydrogen energy.

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599 million euros in revenue in 2022

2500 employees working at Viapost

3 business unit of expertise : industries, industrial maintenance, transport management

42 plateforms, air stopover and transport settlements

62 teams set up at our customers’ facilities

1400 Viapost partner hauliers

Supply Chain news
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biocarburant - Cuve B100

Viapost, a heavyweight in the ecological...

The road transport sector is looking for solutions to reduce CO2 emissions. Find out more about Viapost's actions to decarbonise the...
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Viapost achemine du matériel humanitaire pour la Croix-rouge française

Viapost responded to the call from the...

Viapost responded to the French Red Cross' call to deliver humanitarian supplies to disaster areas in Ukraine and Turkey.
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logistique - sureté des marchandises

What actions has Viapost taken to protect...

Video surveillance of logistics platforms, access control to warehouses, induction of new employees, training of managers... find out about...
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To assist our clients with their sorting and order preparation needs, with the maintenance of their logistics equipment and with the purchase and organisation of their road transport, we are recruiting.

We are looking for transport assistants and managers, maintenance technicians, shippers, management controllers, logistics operators, etc. throughout France.

Are you looking for a job? Join us!

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What are the consequences of an out-of-stock situation, a delay in delivery, an order error or a lost package on your business?

To guarantee a good consumer experience for your customers, the management of your logistics and transport plays a key role. At Viapost, we offer you complementary solutions for sorting and order preparation logistics, industrial maintenance of your equipment and management of your goods transport in France and Europe.

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