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your logistics

At Viapost, we are specialists in optimised flow management. We handle the processing of your products either manually or mechanically on one of our dedicated logistics platforms or in your company's warehouse.

  • Item sorting

    We manage every stage of the sorting of your products, whatever the format and their origin.

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  • Order picking

    On request, we can prepare regular and one-off orders and dispatch parcels for BtoB and BtoR operations.

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On our platforms or in your warehouse,

outsource your flows

As a logistics company, we offer you our warehouses throughout France for the storage of your products and the management of your logistics flows. We can also set up in situ, in your logistics warehouses, wherever they are located in France, in a personalised and 100% configurable way!
We are committed to applying the same level of operational excellence to the management of your logistics platform as we do to our warehouses. Our customer commitments are embodied in concrete actions concerning the health and safety of our teams, the quality of our service and the performance of our management. 

Tailor-made logistics services, parcel sorting or order preparation, dedicated to all or part of your logistics activity



The processing of your goods flows on the logistics platform, but also the management of your containers




Flexibility in the management of working hours (atypical or staggered, night or weekend work, part-time, modularity according to period)

The possibility to integrate your other partners into our logistics process





Airport operations authorisation for personnel involved in handling activitites





Adequate logistical resources according to

your stock and needs

Our company combines the agility of an SME with the power of a large logistics group to support you in all types of logistics operations, from sorting your products to preparing orders, whether they are regular or one-off. As the company responsible for the logistics of your products, Viapost offers you human resources, equipment and high-performance warehouses to guarantee your satisfaction.

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We are developing our logistics facilities throughout France.
We integrate and configure new and more efficient machines.
We support new customers in their logistics management.
We know how to deal with peaks in activity.

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At Viapost, we are a source of proposals! Our teams deploy complementary solutions to the logistics outsourcing you entrust to us. With Viapost, you get a complete logistics service.

  • We carry out the maintenance of your logistic tools

    To ensure the continuity of your logistics activity and the continuous improvement of its performance, we offer a global maintenance service for your sorting, conveying, order preparation and assembly tools.

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  • Gestionnaire Transport Viapost
    We organise your road transport

    We negotiate and supervise for you the road transport of your goods to guarantee you a transit and a routing of your products in competitive prices and times.

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