Your logistic with Viapost

Entrust us with

your logistics

Whether at your facilities or ours, we take charge of handling your products through manual and mechanised operations.

Externalising your flow in your facilities ?

We make it possible !

We can set ourselves up in a flexible, customisable way within your operations wherever in France. We make sure to apply the same strategy of operational excellence at your facilities as we do at ours. 

Customised services, for a specific project or an entire site

The handling of your flows as wel as your containers

Flexible scheduling (non-standard or staggered, night or weekend work, part-time, modular based on the period

The option of setting up in-house service providers

Airport operations authorisation for personnel involved in handling activitites

Means and methods scaled

to your needs

We have the agility of an SME and the power of a large logistics operator to assist you with all types of logistics operations, whether they are regular or occasional, large or small in scale. We offer customised methods to guarantee that you can provide the greatest satisfaction to your customers.

A logistics
project ?

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We develop our facilities.
We integrate and configure
new machines.
We assist new customers.
We deal with peaks in activity. 

Work with us and meet
these challenges !
We recruit
Métiers logistiques Viapost recrutement

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We have complementary solutions that you can combine with the logistics operations that you entrust with.

  • We maintain your logistics tools

    We maintain your sorting, conveying and assembly tools to ensure that your logistics activity continues uninterrupted and constantly improves.

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  • Gestionnaire Transport Viapost
    We organise your road transport

    We negotiate and supervise for you the transportation of your merchandise to assist you to the very end with the best prices and delivery times.

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