Connected logistics
E-commerce logistics and retail

Solutions for e-commerce and retail logistics

Boost the efficiency of your business thanks to expertly managed and versatile multi-channel logistics.


Our teams manage all stages of your e-commerce logistics, from the preparation of the order to delivery to your customers.

  • Reception of goods: reception of supplier deliveries, checking, labelling, referencing
  • Secure storage: products registered in the IT system and storage in a secure zone
  • Preparation of customised orders: logos, made-to-measure packing, gift wrapping, parcel inserts, etc.
  • Delivery: labeling, sorting by destination /carrier, shipment to end client
  • Managing returns

Our strengths :

  • Pooled logistics infrastructure
  • Flexibility in managing peaks in activity
  • Adapted to all kinds of products
  • Management of BtoC flows with a multi-channel approach

A customised approach in each activity sector

Because each activity sector has its specific features, we provide services adapted to your business :

  • Storage in secure areas for valuable products
  • Order customisation
  • Delivery to shops on coat hangers or adapted containers
  • Management of sell-by/use-by date for cosmetics, food products, etc.

Resources adapted to your business activity

  • High-level automation for large volumes
  • Hybrid solutions for lower volumes requiring high reactivity in terms of deadlines
  • Agile manual solutions for heterogeneous types of products or bulky products.

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Focus: retail logistics

The consumer uses a range of channels, and so do you for your sales; the sales outlet has been reinvented and Viapost Connected Logistics is on hand for retailers to develop adapted and made-to-measure e-commerce logistics services.

We work all along your retail logistics chain :

  • Reception of products from all over the world with unloading of vehicles, containers
  • Quality control of articles respecting quality standards (and by delegation) customer norms
  • Storage and stock management
  • Preparation of orders per item pick-up and/or packages and products made available on loading bays, as well as loading for shipment of products to stores or restocking platforms.

Our expertise in the retail sector is varied: customs management, management of major order surges (back-to-school period, Christmas, etc.), fast reaction time in making products available to stores and in restocking individual products, and capacity to manage linked services (relabelling, quality control, etc.)


Focus : Ship From Store

Viapost Connected Logistics offers customers a logistics tool providing deliveries the same day, and even at a fixed time in some geographic locations.

The consumer makes an order online or at a sales outlet and picks it up directly from a store. Orders can also be made in stores and delivered to the place of the customer’s choice (at home, at work, etc.).

The sales outlet becomes the multi-channel focus for customer relations and works as a logistical mini-warehouse providing flexibility and fast reaction times.

A solution that is highly appreciated by consumers in search of fast results.

Viapost Connected Logistics supports it’s customers by providing them with an online tool to manage orders, stock and transport.