Connected logistics
Transport and delivery

Our transport and delivery solutions for e-commerce

Our team of experts provides support for your e-commerce transport strategy, in France and overseas.

Access all the market’s shipment solutions (home, pick-up point, stores), depending on the type of delivery (BtoC, BtoR), deadlines, size of product and your customers’ requirements. Our teams also take care of managing returns.

We provide two levels of service :



To meet the essential needs of e-commerce transport: selection of service providers, set up and launch, transport KPIs, contacts with transport companies, billing, quality analysis, follow-up, optimisation.



To take it a step further: collection and processing of transport complaints, processing of disputes, transport on demand operations, proactive processing of shipments in France and abroad, order tracking tools, optimisation of transport plan, monitoring, consulting, sourcing and application of specific solutions.