Connected logistics
Our ressources

Operational excellence at the service of our customers

Viapost Connected Logistics provides you with a high-tech industrial tool as well as the skills of our employees, who are all experts in their fields.


1. Our production tool


High-level automation for large volumes

Logistics production unit

Our Logistics Production Unit is a completely mechanised 5-kilometre line processing up to 3,600 packages an hour (40,000 packages a day). It can handle peaks of activity of up to 60,000 packages a day at such periods as the sales or Christmas.

The production unit can guarantee the mechanisation and automation of order preparation and packaging by pooling customer flows and accumulating the quantities processed.

The range of shared resources reduces production costs, so we can offer highly competitive standard rates.


Savoye lines

We  have chosen the Division Savoye solution for their modular aspect and low energy consumption.

The “Start&Stop” function of the conveyor belts results in a reduction in energy consumption, while the elimination of the pneumatic mechanism makes significant improvements to the noise levels for machine operators. Automated packaging – with weighing and labeling combined – also results in a faster rate, with no bottle-necks. The number of cardboard-box formats has been greatly reduced, with just two formats processed by INTELIS JIVARO and the top-sheet applicator INTELIS C12, compared with eight previously! In the shipment area, sorting is also automated, and operators can prepare pallets without having to move around or get in each other’s way. 1,200 packages can be sent out every hour. Another non-negligible advantage for work with e-retailers is that the modular installation makes it possible to provide future extensions that are easy to set up and use.


Hybrid solutions for lower volumes requiring high reactivity in terms of deadlines

Scallog Robots

We  have chosen the “Scallog System”™ solution for one of our e-retailer customers to boost our storage capacity and the quantity of orders to be processed. So we can support the customer’s strong growth at one of our logistics platforms in northern France.

Thanks to a technology of the “goods-to-person” type, shelf-carrying robots by Scallog perfectly meet the need for agility that our customers are looking for. Without the need to set up additional heavy infrastructures, the efficiency of these robots means that the operators’ work can be optimised during picking and the lead time can be speeded up for the benefit of consumers.


Agile manual solutions for heterogeneous types of products or bulky products

Each site has the capacity to adapt its warehouse to provide working areas linked with products of different sizes, from the smallest (e.g.: cuff-links) to the biggest (e.g.: furniture). The processes and storage are adapted to the different sizes. The work stations are then modified so that staff can handle products safely and in good working conditions.


2. Our applied IT environment

We share computer data with our customers several times a day: article databases, customer orders, goods awaiting reception, etc.

Viapost Connected Logistics is equipped with the most efficient flow management tools on the market :

  • BizTalk carries out checks on the files received (address, stock, etc.) and converts them into a format that can be read by the Reflex tool.
  • Reflex manages the stock of goods, reception and shipments. It communicates with the Exlabel interface, which prints out the transport labels, and transmits the information concerning collection and delivery to the various transport companies.

These various connected tools provide traceability for your products at each stage of the logistics process, from reception at our warehouses to delivery to the final customer, along with any returned shipments to our platforms.


MyReport: MyReport is a tool for designing reporting charts. Its originality is in an approach to decision-making oriented towards the end user. The tool aims to simplify all the technical processes to the utmost.


Sentinelle :

  • Sentinelle is the online portal giving customers an overall view of their activity: reception, stock and order status, etc. The tool also gives access to the order status outside of the warehouses, to tracking (after they have placed on the transport network by Viapost Connected Logistics), as well as indicators for the service quality of the transport companies.
  • Sentinelle is proactive, and can be freely configured and customised. The tool helps retailers guarantee the efficiency of their Supply Chain and customer satisfaction through real-time notifications and alerts.

3. Our human resources


Qualified men and women working for our customers

Viapost Connected Logistics employs 1500 people in its network.

Technical expertise, customer guidance and the spirit of customer service are the strengths we develop in our different departments.

The men and women in our teams have been selected for their level of performance and motivation.

For each task, the Viapost Connected Logistics managers make sure that customer satisfaction is everybody’s priority.

Do you want to join dynamic teams with excellence at the centre of their daily work? Visit the recruitment page {link}