Industrial logistics

Viapost: specialists in industrial logistics

Viapost Industries provides support for your industrial logistics projects, helping you manage supplies, logistics flows, airport handling and your return flows.



Cross-docking : supply management

Thanks to our network of platforms, we can take charge of your goods for bulk or individual orders: they can pass from one platform to the next without going into storage. Your packages are then grouped together according to order, before being shipped to their final destination.


Sectors concerned :

  • Manufactured products or packages with wheeled containers, pallets or bulk orders.
  • Structural or seasonal activities.

Our strengths :

  • Strong coordination of logistics and transport.


  • A dense transport network with platforms open 24/7, leading to very short transit times.


Industrial logistics BtoB

With the BtoB industrial logistics solution, we meet your needs by managing your logistic flows from end to end all over France. We can take care of handling reception and storage, preparing orders and shipment to your stores, branches or agencies. You can make use of our WMS or we can connect directly to your own software.


Sectors concerned :

  • Manufactured products
  • Structural activities or targeted operations

Our strengths :

  • A capacity for supplying distribution networks requiring exacting standards for quality and deadlines.


Reverse Logistics

With MyReverse solution, we manage and optimise the organisation of your reverse flows, by taking care of :

  • Delivery of your goods
  • Monitoring
  • Sorting and repackaging
  • Reshipment
  • Recycling or destroying products

Sectors concerned :

  • All flows linked to the after-sales service of manufactured products (returns of defective products, exchanges, overstocking, end-of-life articles, etc.), to the productive use of waste (paper, cardboard, cartridges, etc.) and regulatory recycling.
  • Structural or seasonal activities.

Our strengths :

  • We can adapt our service to heavy, bulky or complex items (listed products, etc.).
  • We manage the life-cycle of your products from start to finish.


Airport handling

We can take care of every stage in managing airport stopovers :

  • Managing teams
  • Loading/unloading
  • Securing goods
  • Transport logistics

Viapost Industries staff are trained and authorised in airport handling activities.


Our strengths :

  • Specially trained personnel, empowered and mobilized around product safety
  • The possibility to take over the staff previously engaged