Package sorting

Our made-to-measure package sorting solutions

Thanks to our package sorting solution, you have access to a made-to-measure service with the capacity to sort a large and varied quantity of objects and to deliver them to the destination of your choice.


Machine sorting

Viapost Industries can ensure  the industrial sorting of your packages 24/7 (bulky letters, parcels etc.). Our high-speed sorters provide processing and next-day dispatch for 1.5 million objects to over 3,000 destinations.

Our strengths :

  • 3 inter-connected platforms equipped with high-capacity cross-belt sorters, with automatic reading of addresses.
  • Sorting and next-day delivery all over France.
  • Sorting on a dedicated platform or at the customer’s site.
  • Modular sorters that can sort up to 5,000 packages an hour.


Assisted manual sorting

Our manual parcel-sorting solutions assisted by PDA lead to very fast processing for products of varying quantities.


Our strengths :

  • Rapid deployment of the service
  • A large capacity to take care of peaks of seasonal activities
  • Customized installation and security of buildings