Our resources

Adapted and innovative industrial and I.T. resources

A multi-product and multi-flow industrial tool

Thanks to our experience in sub-contracting, we can meet your needs using adaptable and innovative industrial tools. We can use our tools to process all your products, regardless of their format (from small to large packages) or their contents (packages, parcels, press bundles, large envelopes).

Trieur cross belt multi-produits

Multi-product cross-belt sorter

  • Platforms : Chelles, Chilly-Mazarin and Le Bourget

  • Line : Beumer

  • Products : packages, press, envelopes

  • Range : medium

  • Capacity : 700 shipments, 25,000 objects an hour

  • Strengths : optical character recognition (OCR) system, with powerful angular resolution, mixed output

Trieur cross belt multi produit

Multi-product cross-belt sorter

  • Platforms : Chelles

  • Line : Fives

  • Products : packages, press, envelopes

  • Range : wide

  • Capacity : 600 shipments, 24,000 objects an hour

  • Strengths : optical character recognition (OCR), multi-content output

Parcel tray sorter

  • Platforms : Cavaillon

  • Line : Sitma

  • Products : packages

  • Range : wide

  • Capacity : 50 to 100 shipments, 6,000 objects an hour

  • Strengths : compact modular and transportable sorter

Assembleuse imprimés publicitaires

Printed advertising assembly machine

  • Platforms : Moreuil

  • Line : Ferag

  • Products : advertising leaflets

  • Capacity : 29,000 objects an hour

  • Strengths : high-speed machine inserting

Made-to-measure information systems

Like all our services, our information systems are adapted to our customers' needs.

Functional I.T. architecture :

  • Logizy : with our stock-management software we can meet the needs of customers who entrust their logistics operations to us: reception and shipment, order preparation, stock management and client extranet.
  • Parcel sorting : to keep pace with your peaks of activity, we offer a turnkey solution to set up your I.T. infrastructure quickly. Thus we can meet your needs for manual sorting all over France, using a new-generation hands-free reader together with a web portal monitoring the activity.

I.T. infrastructures :

  • Double data center : our two interconnected data centres meet the most vigorous requirements for continuous service (PCS).