Our CSR commitments

Viapost places CSR at the heart of its activities 

At Viapost have placed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at the heart of  our strategy. A strong commitment guides our activities and projects on a day-to-day basis. We provide services, as a logistics partner, with a strong determination in favour of integrity, goodwill, respect and transparency towards everyone involved in our work, including our customers, our suppliers and partners, our personnel and our shareholders.

 We are aware that environmental, social and societal issues will model the future of our companies. As a result, we organise our commitments and activities around six key components:


  • Our customers, by fostering a responsible relationship through offers adapted to their own values.

Viapost Transport Management certified ISO 9001 (version 2015)


In January 2017, Viapost Transport Management was granted a renewal of its Veritas ISO 9001 certification (version 2015) for the quality management system in all the company’s departments and activities. This certification means we can prove the commitment and involvement of our teams in guaranteeing a service in line with the quality requirements of our customers.


“For our customers, this certification is the guarantee they will be working with a transport organiser that respects its procedures and commitments by monitoring the quality of its service. Assessments and checks on 600 partner transport companies, equipment compliance, respect for delivery times – these are all tools that enabled us to renew our ISO 9001  certification (version 2015), and to achieve a rate of service quality above 99%, 365 days a year.” Christophe Baboin, managing director of Viapost Transport Management.


  • Our staff, with whom we work on issues of health and safety, on career management in the respect for diversity and equal opportunities, and in a clearly defined employment framework.


  • Our suppliers. They are our partners, to whom we owe an exemplary attitude and whose products and services we expect to be more and more responsible. Increasingly, our transport liaisons operate with NGV/LNG.
  • The CSR governance needed to guarantee joint construction with all the participants, business ethics and wider awareness.
  • The environment, which needs to be preserved as much as possible from the impact of our activity, by working with our partners to reduce pollutants, by recycling what can be recycled and adapting our behaviour. This is why the La Poste Group has almost 29,000 electric vehicles, representing the biggest fleet of electric vehicles in the world today.
  • Viapost’s commitment to the complete and free compensation services on our offers to our customers is the joint result of initiatives undertaken through the three following steps:

Step 1: measuring our emissions

Each year Viapost measures the energy consumption from our work, consumables, transport and the ecological impact of our services.


Step 2: reducing our footprint

Actions are then undertaken, task by task, in order to reduce the CO2 impact of our activity:

  • Adapted transport solutions (optimisation of carrying capacity, pooling resources, Euro standards). The Viapost headquarters acquired its first electric vehicle in 2016
  • Raising staff awareness about preserving natural resources (water, electricity, heating, air-conditioning, paper, ecological driving)
  • Treatment and reprocessing of waste (paper, batteries, cardboard, plastic, etc.)
  • Responsible management of staff commutes and trips
  • Optimisation of occupied surfaces (mezzanines)
  • Energy performances of buildings. Viapost is now supplied with green electricity.

Step 3: compensate for unavoidable emissions

For the remaining unavoidable emissions, the La Poste Group has invested in compensation projects with high added value in terms of the environment and society.


In 2015, our initiatives based on the values we promote were rewarded with an ISO 26000 label from AFNOR with a level 2 commitment.