Our expertise

Logistics, transport and consultancy-engineering

As a provider of integrated, multi-channel solutions for supply chains, Viapost has developed three major fields of expertise: logistics, transport and consultancy-engineering.


Whatever your needs, your sector or your geographic location, our experts can provide support for your supply chain projects: sub-contracting, optimisation and outsourcing. We provide made-to-measure logistics and transport solutions.

Distribution and e-commerce logistics

Boost the efficiency of your business thanks to expertly managed and versatile multi-channel logistics, taking care of 100% of your customer orders.

Industrial Logistics

Cross-docking, supply management, BtoB industrial logistics, reverse logistics, airport handling.

Package sorting

We look after sorting your packages or small items on our mechanised platforms operating 24/7.

Document assembly

We can take care of your various document assembly and distribution campaigns (advertising leaflets, catalogues, information letters, etc.), on a small or large scale, and including addressed documents.


Whatever flow is involved, BtoB, BtoC or BtoR, from a small packet to a complete truckload, we provide support in developing your transport plan, in managing operations or monitoring your flows. We guarantee logistical transport at a controlled cost, in particular thanks to pooling flows and bulk transport purchasing.

Pallet delivery service

Managed transport of your goods, BtoB in France and to the EU, packaged on pallets (from 1 to 6).

Freight Management

We take care of flow transport from 7 to 33 pallets (LTL or FTL) and provide chartering solutions in France and abroad.

3 or 4PL flow management

We organise and manage your BtoB transport activity from start to finish: design and optimisation of transport plans, purchasing, managing and implementing operations, monitoring and reporting, progress plans and teams on the customer’s premises.

and consultancy

Our experts are on hand to help from the design to the deployment of your projects by providing supply chain recommendations.

Consulting and Logistical Innovation

From conception to roll out, we can develop your general blueprint (growth of activity, new markets, international development, economic performance, etc.).

Design to Solution

Need to rethink your transport plans? Entrust your project to our professional teams.

Transport tender offers

We can take care of managing your tender offers: conception, selection and contracting with your future transport companies.

Logistics premises

We can manage your construction and/or leasing projects for logistics platforms and warehouses (looking for land and/or premises, negotiation or renegotiation of leases, temporary or long-term projects, looking for a buyer, a sub-tenant, search for investors, construction, adaptation, upgrading buildings to standards, etc.).