Viapost supports the Press and Media Week in schools

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Viapost, at its Chilly-Mazarin site (91), put together and sent 50,276 parcels, consisting of press titles and a letter from the President of the Republic. 

This was the seventh time Viapost has done this, and it was spurred on by an additional challenge: in 2021, the mission was to prepare approximately 49,000 parcels; this year, there were 1,300 more. 

They were distributed to schools during the Press and Media Week in Schools 2022 (PMWS) from 21st to 26th March. A week of information and media education for young people, which makes sense in the light of current events on freedom of expression. 

This initiative of the Ministry of Education is coordinated by CLEMI. It is conducted in partnership with media professionals and La Poste through Viapost.
The operation called on Viapost's expertise in preparing orders by assembling documents:

A team of around thirty people (operators, quality controllers, receptionists, forklift drivers, etc.) was called upon to succeed in the mission entrusted to us," explains Guillaume ABDOUL, Viapost's Activity Manager at the Chilly-Mazarin site.



Photo portrait Yoan, responsable d'exploitation
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