The new sorting solution is being implemented

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Sort & Drive is the code name given by Viapost to its new mechanised sorting solution. Its concept, according to its in-house developers who had to respond to specifications drawn up by La Poste, is : "to obtain an industrial solution capable of fine sorting right up to the delivery round in order to limit the delivery person's internal work and maximise the time dedicated to delivery". This new-look sorter is already operational at the Poissy (78) and Garonor (95) sites.
It has just been deployed in Argonay (74) and Liévin (62).

On the line, the parcels are injected and sorted for each delivery person, who instantly loads their vehicle placed in the immediate vicinity (see photo), in front of an exit. The parcels for this delivery person are separated into four batches "to facilitate the preparation of their tour".

In total, the operation only takes thirty minutes, says Viapost's management, who points out that "before Sort & Drive, the driver would pick and sort the goods on the shelves before loading them into the vehicles according to their round". An operation that could take up to an hour and a half".



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