Garry's career path - platform manager

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Testimony of a logistics platform manager - Garry's career path

Now a logistics platform manager, Garry's career path is a testament to his ability to change jobs within Viapost: 

> 2005 : joined Viapost as a sorting operator at the Orly site
> 2007 : press operator at the Chelles site
> 2008 : team manager at Chelles
> 2012 : activity manager in Chelles
> 2017 : geographical mobility by becoming team manager, operations manager level 1 then operations manager level 2 on the Velaux logistics platform
> 2019 : Logistics platform manager at the Cavaillon site
> 2022 : Logistics platform manager at the Saint-Aunes site.

Mobility at Viapost is very fast thanks to the diversity of its activities. »

In his 17-year career at Viapost, Garry has changed jobs many times, taking on more and more responsibility in his jobs, but also in his place of work, using the geographical mobility that Viapost allows thanks to its multiple locations throughout France... a real opportunity for employees.

The job of logistics platform manager

Garry's role is to manage the Saint-Aunes platform, i.e. to ensure the productivity of the activity and the overall development of the site.

This key position in the company requires a great deal of organisation and management of operations, interaction with the various departments (human resources, operational performance, management control, etc.), budget monitoring and participation in Viapost's commercial development.

He acquired his skills on the operational side, working in various logistics jobs that helped him to develop. He has also been able to take advantage of the training programmes offered by Viapost, such as Viapost University and Operational Excellence.

Supporting employees in their internal mobility

Becoming a logistics platform manager also involves leading employees and helping them to develop.

Throughout his career at Viapost, Garry has gained the trust of managers who have supported him in his development. It is therefore natural for him to pay particular attention to the development of his teams' skills.

The example he likes to give is that of an employee who joined the company as a temporary worker in 2016 and whom he was able to help become a level 2 operations manager at Viapost. This is a managerial success of which he is now very proud.

Studying for the role at Viapost

To get a job as a logistics site manager, professional experience in operational management is essential, but so is training. Many business schools, engineering schools and universities offer training in the logistics sector, from the baccalaureate + 2 to the baccalaureate + 5.

However, there are also other training courses that can lead to this management position on a permanent basis. Indeed, this job requires a wide range of skills: logistics, of course, but also management, law, mastery of IT tools and continuous improvement procedures, etc.

The salary range will therefore depend on the profile of the position.

Viapost culture

Viapost's corporate culture is strong and is carried by each employee. Garry reminds us of the four values he identifies with: know-how, innovation, performance and commitment, and that Viapost is made up of men and women united by the same objective: to make things possible!

Viapost's offers

Looking for a new challenge? Check out our job offers or apply directly using our "career" section.

To find out more about Viapost's expertise in logistics, industrial maintenance and transport, go here.



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