La Poste, through Viapost, inaugurates its first 100% electric medium-distance truck in Lyon

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Viapost supports La Poste in the decarbonisation of its heavy goods transport

La Poste Group's first 100% electric medium-distance truck has just taken to the road in the Lyon metropolitan area.

This was an opportunity for the group to assess its strategy for decarbonising transport and to define the next steps.

A symbolic green ribbon tied to the recharging hose of the brand new electric truck underlines La Poste's commitment to decarbonising its transport.


An electric truck, owned by partner transporter Jacky Perrenot

Parked in front of the Corbas platform (Rhône), the 16-tonne vehicle, manufactured by Renault Trucks in Yssingeaux (Haute-Loire) and owned by transport company Jacky Perrenot (Drôme), links the Corbas, Lyon centre, Lyon 3 and Vénissieux platforms every day, covering a distance of 143 km.

100% of journeys to be carbon-free by 2024

Reducing carbon emissions remains a major challenge for the group, whose mail and parcel transport business accounts for 83% of emissions, more than half of which are generated by heavy goods vehicles. In Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, thanks to its fleet of local electric vehicles (3,500 utility vehicles, more than 2,700 bicycles and three-wheelers), it has managed to reduce the carbon footprint of a parcel to 400 grams of CO (the equivalent of a 4 km journey for a small combustion engine car), compared with 700 grams for the market average.

By the end of 2024, 100% of collections and deliveries in the Lyon metropolitan area will be carbon-free. "By 2030, 50% of the kilometres travelled by La Poste will be by low-carbon HGVs," says Philippe Dorge, deputy managing director of La Poste group in charge of the Mail and Parcels Services branch.

Engaging the entire transport sector

As a major player in the transport sector with its 500 Aura trucks (out of a total of 5,000), La Poste is gradually converting its fleet of medium- and long-distance diesel vehicles to low-carbon energy. It plans to invest 400 million euros to support its 600 transport subcontractors nationwide. With the support of its subsidiary Viapost, which specialises in road transport, the group wants to act as a catalyst to engage the entire transport sector.

After contributing to the emergence of the electric commercial vehicle by coordinating a group of multi-company orders in 2010, it also wants to encourage manufacturers to expand their ranges. While waiting for electricity and hydrogen to be able to cover long distances (250 to 400 km or more) in 2030, La Poste favours transport using biogas and biofuels based on non-food oils.

Photo : Delphine Sauzay

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