Occupational Health and Safety Manager - Testimony of the month

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Fannie joined Viapost in 2018 as a Quality and Safety Correspondent on a logistics site and then moved on at the end of 2020 as a Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Manager. She explains the different challenges she faces on a daily basis. Discover her story in pictures.

What does the job of Health and Safety Manager at Viapost involve?

The position of Health and Safety Manager at Viapost is central. It combines both operational and organisational tasks, it means you are in contact with all the quality and safety correspondents at our logistics sites throughout France and it brings fundamental challenges for our employees.

Initially a quality and safety correspondent, Fannie was able to understand the various activities of our logistics business and the related risks when she joined Viapost. This on-site experience has given her the knowledge she needs to carry out her current duties, which now extend to a national scope.

As an OHS Manager, her main tasks are to intervene :

> Both in the field: to conduct training sessions and to support sites in their risk or accident analyses. These trips are an important source of information because they are also an opportunity to observe the business’s practices while in direct contact with employees.

> But also at head office: Fannie sets up reference tools for all sites and shares with everyone the analysis of accident causes. She leads or participates in meetings with all of the Viapost network's safety advisors. These exchanges enable her to propose global solutions that take into account the realities and problems identified in the field.

She has been able to initiate many strategic projects within Viapost, such as the deployment of the muscular awakening, behavioural safety visits, and the running of training dojos related to the use of Viapost containers.

" We make it possible" is not just a slogan, it's a real philosophy at Viapost as we find solutions to our customers' needs every day.
Which studies should I follow to become a Health and Safety Manager?

To work as a Health and Safety Manager, you need to have a 5-year degree with a specialisation in QHSE. There are a number of courses of study for this job.

The main issues related to this function are:

> Search for solutions that meet, as far as possible, the needs expressed and the obligations inherent in the company's activities and sector.

> Carry out awareness and communication activities to raise awareness of the areas for improvement and encourage collective support for the actions to be taken on a daily basis.

> Measuring and analysing the results obtained in order to maintain the company's level of performance on these issues.

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