Thousands of parcels at the Bègles sorting centre as Christmas approaches

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In the run-up to Christmas, since December 1st, the teams have been taking turns at the platform, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. La Poste has called for reinforcements and staff numbers have risen from 130 in normal times to 210 in the last two months of the year.
Everything is planned so that parcels can be processed and delivered on time and your precious gift can be slipped under the Christmas tree.

This trend is particularly visible at the Bordeaux-Bègles hub where, since 1 December, there has been a record increase in parcel volumes. Already on this date, Colissimo Sud-Ouest teams, spread across the three sites in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Brive, processed 690,000 parcels on a record day, surpassing the 2019 processing peak of 553,000 parcels.

The Bègles parcel platform handled 4.7 million parcels in November 2020 compared with 2.7 million in November 2019, thanks to the Cadaujac support site and the teams at Viapost (a subsidiary of La Poste Group), which handle 80,000 parcels a day.
In mid-December another record was broken : 335,000 parcels in one day at the Bordeaux-Bègles site alone !

As the holidays approach, parcel delivery companies are in full swing. La Poste remains the leader in the sector. Reinforcements have been mobilised in sorting centres, such as at Bègles near Bordeaux.

An increasing number of Aquitaine residents have taken up e-commerce, notably due to the health situation. Buying on the Internet has in recent years helped to boost parcel and carrier traffic. And this year, the phenomenon has been amplified by successive confinements and the closure of shops in November.

"The figures we're making at the moment are the ones we forecast for 2023”



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