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Cédric has been working for Viapost, a specialist in logistics, industrial maintenance and transport, since 2020; he explains what his job involves.
For the past three years, industrial maintenance has been one of Viapost's major activities, in addition to its logistics and transport activities. Cédric has joined the maintenance team at the Velaux and Cavaillon platforms and at the Mauguio ELI.  Here is his testimonial.

"At Viapost, I love the team working and the availability of everyone ! "

What does being a Maintenance Technician entail ?

Cédric explains, "My job is to check and repair machines under the supervision of the team leader”. At Viapost, he works most of the time on the main line of the PPI workshop as well as on its conveyor and the video coding system.
The maintenance technician works on the maintenance of the machines and the resolution of breakdowns globally.

What studies should I pursue to become a maintenance technician ?

There are several courses of study for working in maintenance. To become a maintenance technician, it is advisable to complete a two-year post-baccalaureate diploma. Further studies will enable you to become a maintenance supervisor or engineer.
"I chose maintenance because I'm a dynamic and spontaneous person and I was looking for a job that gave fresh challenges every day," says Cédric.

Viapost’s Offers

Looking for a new challenge ? Find out about our job offers or apply spontaneously in our "careers" section.
To find out more about Viapost's logistics, industrial maintenance and transport activities, go here

*CMMS: Computerised Maintenance Management System



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