Viapost, in the 9th position in the top 130 logistics providers in France 2021

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Viapost has once again established itself as a key player in the supply chain as its 9th position in the top 130

With no less than 11 sites opened (platforms or teams on site at the customer's premises) over the past year and combined transport services, Viapost maintains its 9th position and confirms its status as a strong player in the market.

Read the article published in Supply Chain magazine below :

The new edition of our ranking of logistics service providers will go down in history as that of the Covid-19 crisis. This ranking is a top 130 of the 3PLs in France, covering the year when the pandemic had the greatest impact.
Still preoccupied with operational issues, several of the players contacted preferred not to return our questionnaire or sent it back after the deadline. There were also a number of acquisitions during the period, for example the purchase of LCS by Le Roy Logistique and that of Agility Global Integrated Logistics by DSV Panalpina.

Changes in the top 3

In our new ranking, established on the basis of logistics turnover generated in France, including a possible component of transport activities when these are directly linked to services, the first place is occupied by ID Logistics for the second consecutive year. Despite the health crisis, the revenues of the group headed by Eric Hémar increased last year by 0.9%, which is about the same evolution recorded by its main competitor, Geodis (+ 1%).
The change concerns the third step of the podium, occupied by Stef. The refrigeration logistics company is now ahead of XP0 Logistics due to a smaller decrease in turnover (- 3.3 %, compared to - 6.5 %).
All these players have done well overall compared to the average performance of the top 10, where the 10th place in the ranking is now occupied by Rhenus Logistics (in 2019, it was the Astre grouping).
Compared to the previous edition, the cumulative revenues of the top 10 have contracted by 6.1 %, with just over €5.1 billion in turnover. Also noteworthy in the top 20 is the increase of more than 20% in Log'S turnover, which enables it to continue to climb the ranking from 17th to 12th place.

Several returns

Overall, we can observe the entry or return of half a dozen players (Seafrigo Group, Ambroise Bouvier Transports, Groupe Combronde, Houtch, Groupe Alainé, Mainco and Transports Caillot). Their profiles and specialities can be found on the following pages (39 to 46), with our ranking summarising the key elements drawn from the questionnaires, which covered various topics such as turnover, number of warehouses, key sectors of activity, each player's main customer base and their main statistics for 2020-2021.
For the first time, two questions focused on e-commerce, a market segment that has seen a new boom in the last year, and which has enabled many providers to save their 2020 financial year. On this point, as on the others, more detailed information will be available with the forthcoming publication of all the files on our website. They will be available for consultation via the "For your calls for tender" section.
Click here to see the ranking.


Source : Supply Chain Magazine



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