Viapost launches V-FRET and supports companies in their logistics requirements

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A major issue for companies, stock management can be a source of headaches for retailers. And it’s no surprise, as when a product is out-of-stock, the majority of clients – 62% online and 56% in store – will abandon their purchase or turn to competition.

The other problem is the price of storage, which keeps increasing. As a result, companies are using the "just in time" method and restocking their warehouses and shops in a controlled time frame. This is where Viapost comes in. It proposes a new transport solution allowing companies to be delivered when they want to be in France and in Europe.

V-FRET allows companies to benefit from pallet transport from or to France and Europe. Viapost takes care of negotiating and buying the transport. The offer starts at 4 pallets minimum. All sectors can benefit from this service, with the exception of companies offering refrigerated goods.

> A must in this day and age, Viapost favours transport with a lower carbon footprint such as CNG / LNG natural gas. In addition, the transport management system allows the carrier to track its CO2 emissions per km travelled.

Viapost is committed to businesses and to the planet alike!



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