Viapost extends its knowledge base in Liévin and Toulouse

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Three services in Lievin

Since the 12th October, on a postal platform located in Lievin, Viapost has set up an ILT of about fifteen people providing logistics services (reception of flows, injection on sorter and manual sorting).  Viapost was also commissioned to design the sorter for the « Sort & Drive », model platform in 5 months, similar to the one it configured for the parcel sorting platforms at Argonay, Poissy and Garonor (>>more info). Three Viapost technicians are responsible for its maintenance.

Sort&Drive sorter

A Sort & Move sorter model in Toulouse

Viapost has a manual parcel sorting platform located in Toulouse. However, on 19 October, following an increase in flows, Viapost mechanised the site with the installation of a « Sort & Move » model sorter. 
It was installed in a record time of 3 months to be operational for the festive season. 
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