Innovation : Viapost puts voice support at the service of logistics performance

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Logisticians therefore have to be innovative

In an economy where trade is growing, logistics and transport experts are faced with the increased demands of companies looking for partners committed to the full success of their customer experience.

Logisticians must therefore use innovation to optimize their performance while guaranteeing the comfort of employees. Viapost, a well-known logistician and subsidiary of the La Poste Group, confides in its latest experiment.

Find out more details with Lysiane T’Sjoën,  Viapost's Logistics Network Manager:

[FrenchWeb] Can you tell us about Viapost's scope of activity and its value proposition?

Lysiane T’Sjoën: Viapost is an ambitious and agile logistician, a subsidiary of the La Poste Group, which supports the development of its French and global customers.

We generate performance for our customers by providing them with human and technological solutions for logistics, ex-situ and in-situ: handling of truck loading/unloading, manual or mechanized sorting, sorter design and supply, industrial maintenance, purchasing and transport management. Viapost deploys a full range of recognized industry knowledge and is driven by a culture of results at the service of its customers’ experience.

[FW] You are currently experimenting with a voice support process for sorting and counting flows: what is it and what are the benefits, both for your customers and for your employees?

Lysiane T’Sjoën: Nearly 1,500,000 packages and parcels are processed every day on four of Viapost's industrial platforms in the Ile de France region. Between 2% and 4% of these flows are not mechanial due to their size or weight.

In order to optimize manual processing, 20 Viapost employees have experimented with a voice support tool: the WT41NO developed by Zebra, which specializes in embedded IT solutions.

The WT41NO consists of an arm-worn terminal with a keyboard and a display screen connected to a headset and a ring scanner to simplify a single action, scanning a package or parcel and assigning its sorting area.

"This equipment also makes the entire manual sorting process more reliable by automating the recording of administrative data in a computer system that automatically records flows and tracks real-time integration of data directly into pre-billing software. »

Finally, the ergonomics and practicality of the equipment reduce the movement and handling of operators on their workstations, giving them extra comfort and leaving them free to handle the package or parcel.

[FW] What performance indicators have you already recorded in this experiment? What developments do you intend to make? When do you plan to deploy it across your entire business?

"The experiment started in July 2017 and has improved the rate of return of packages sorted per hour for one person by up to 50%. This has also reduced the time spent on administrative input by 68%.”

By the end of 2018, all Viapost employees working on manual sorting will be equipped with the voice support.

At the cutting edge of technology, Viapost is also testing another even more efficient equipment: Zebra's TC56 with headphones and ring scanner connected to a Bluetooth terminal to lower the risk of wire snagging and give even more freedom of movement. A built-in camera can also capture and archive a defect.

Opératrice équipée du terminal portatif - WT41NO

Source : French web



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