Viapost, local logistics provider for L'Olivier de Leos

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Viapost is the logistics partner of L'Olivier de Leos, a brand of natural cosmetics made from olive tree extracts from the Domaine de Leos in Provence.

Strongly committed to the organic nature of its cosmetic products, their olives being grown without the use of fertilisers or pesticides, L’Olivier de Leos wanted to subcontract the preparation of its orders and the restocking of its partner distributors, while preserving its commitment to local roots in Provence. 

The brand then chose Viapost and its Cavaillon platform for its location, its proven logistical expertise and its ability to scale up. For a year, Viapost has been supporting this customer with 14 product references. With the V-PLAN offer used by L'Olivier de Leos, Viapost responds quickly and efficiently to all their needs: 

> From stock management to the shipment of products, protected during transport, for private buyers

> With the expertise to supply and meet the requirements of specialist retailers



A collaboration that is going well, as Solène Gayet, the brand's director, testifies.

The Viapost Cavaillon team has proved to be up to the task and a partnership has been established over the past year to support the development of the brand in B2C and increasingly in the B2B channel, with new challenges. I particularly appreciate the quality of the exchanges, the responsiveness and adaptability of the team, which works through listening to our needs and in a spirit of continuous improvement.



Photo portrait Yoan, responsable d'exploitation
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