Viapost welcomes 3 people to DuoDay 2022

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This year, the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities takes place from 14th to 20th November. It is an opportunity for companies like Viapost to show their commitment and communicate with their employees to break down prejudices and promote the employability of all.

European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities

The European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities, created in 1997 by LADAPT, aims to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities by putting the spotlight on this subject for a week.

It aims to raise awareness among companies, politicians, associations, the general public and of course jobseekers with disabilities about the various measures in place to facilitate their integration into companies.

 In 2022, the theme chosen in consultation with Agefiph, Fiphfp and LADAPT is: "When will people with disabilities be fully employed?"

Employment and disability at Viapost

In 2021, Viapost undertook a Diagnostic-Action process in partnership with AGEFIPH and JLO to define its disability policy in light of its challenges and the context. The company also launched a major internal communication campaign featuring well-known personalities with non-visible disabilities.

 Since then, Viapost has also been working on the upcoming signing of an agreement with AGEFIPH on the opportunities for implementing a disability policy in the short, medium and long term and has renewed its participation in DuoDay 2022.

7th DuoDay: 3 duos at Viapost

This is the 7th edition of the DuoDay which takes place on 17th November 2022 throughout France.

For one day, thousands of employers open their doors to people with disabilities for a professional immersion with one of their employees. 17,000 employee/disabled person duos were registered in 2021!

In 2022, two of Viapost's logistics platforms in the Ile-de-France region (Le Bourget and Chilly-Mazarin) and the head office in Kremlin-Bicêtre in the 94 French department published a total of 10 offers.

In the end, 3 duos were formed with :

> a person hosted at Viapost headquarters in the accounting department in the morning and in the human resources department in the afternoon

> Jennifer, a human resources correspondent at the Chilly-Mazarin logistics platform, is repeating the experience

> Josiane and Jessica, management correspondents, are working with a young person with a cognitive disability on a BTS accounting/management course.

DuoDay 2022 DuoDay 2022

Viapost's participation in 2021

During its participation in 2021, Viapost also published 10 offers and 4 duos were finally formed for the positions of press operator, HR manager, HR correspondent and accounting manager.

 "All our participating employees were very satisfied. That's why they volunteered again as tutors. Last year, Josiane was particularly touched by one of the candidates for whom we had unfortunately not found a solution for an immersion. Of the three people we were able to integrate, Mohamed returned to the human resources department for a six-week internship this summer. And as part of our collaboration with the Log'ins association, we managed to get Eric hired," says Patrice Moreau, director of the Chilly-Mazarin platform.

Following this day...

Josiane and Jessica, from Chilly-Mazarin platform, agreed to respond favorably to Alexandre's internship request for 4 weeks.

This young man had to find an internship as soon as possible to validate his first year in BTS accounting/management.

The Viapost teams were warmly thanked by Alexandre, his family and the teaching staff!

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