V-FRET, Viapost's response to "just in time" pallet transport needs

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For responsible transport

> Viapost focuses as much as possible on transport links using Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)

> Checks are carried out regularly on the Euro standards of carriers, with a focus on Euro 5 and 6 standards

> The Transport Management System (TMS) allows the carrier to track CO2 consumption per km travelled

Mastering the unexpected, the occasional or the urgent

Thanks to this new offer, which has a minimum entry threshold of 4 pallets and is aimed at all sectors of activity except products requiring refrigerated containers, Viapost benefits its customers by offering:

 > An "all-inclusive" service: negotiation, purchase, organization and supervision from the point of departure to the arrival point.

> Agility by adapting to pick-up and delivery time constraints

> Responsiveness with a commitment to answer urgent quote requests within 2 hours

> Proximity with 6 regional freighting hubs closest to the carriers and customers: Ile-de-France (North and South), Tours, Lille, Lyon and Nancy.

> Real-time, remote surveillance with its ITEM CARE Transport Management System (TMS) solution

A "just in time" transport market

When a product is out of stock, a majority of customers - 62% online, 56% in-store - give up on their purchase or turn to competition. A sale is lost, and the seller’s image suffers: ‘Nearly-but-not-quite’ doesn’t cut it. However, in the face of rising storage costs, brands are using the "just in time" method by restocking their warehouses and shops using tight deadlines.

To accompany them in this challenge, Viapost offers V-FRET.

An offer that allows companies to benefit from pallet transport, to or from France and Europe.

Viapost negotiates and buys transport from France's largest network of carriers, with which it already works on a daily basis.

V-FRET complements the existing offerings of Viapost V-UNIT and V-REGULAR in the context of its development strategy for businesses.



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