Job : Yancoubou tells us about his job as a mobile maintenance technician. Viapost is recruiting !

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Yancoubou is a mobile maintenance technician who has been working for Viapost for over two years. He tells us about his job and what it entails.

The 4 main tasks of the mobile maintenance technician in the industry sector

Maintain industrial equipment, provide technical support to the client's operational teams

The primary task of the maintenance technician is obviously to maintain the industrial equipment for which he is responsible. This involves carrying out planned preventive maintenance tasks, intervening on installations in the event of a breakdown and writing reports on interventions in the CMMS tool. It is this last task that enables all the maintenance actions carried out to be monitored.

Contribute to the continuous improvement of machines

In addition to preventive and corrective maintenance, the technician proposes solutions for improvement according to the breakdowns observed, and transmits opinions and suggestions to his manager.

Monitor spare parts stocks

This monitoring is passed on to the maintenance supervisor who then manages the stock and replenishes it. It is essential to remain vigilant to ensure the smooth running of the maintenance service and to avoid stock shortages. 

Advise and train users of the facilities on maintenance

In order to ensure that the equipment functions optimally, the technician advises the users in their daily logistical operation of the industrial machines.

What qualities are needed to work as a mobile maintenance technician?

The mobility of the mobile maintenance technician

Yancoubou works as a mobile maintenance technician in the industry sector, which means that he has the same tasks as his fellow maintenance technicians, but he works on several sites and with different customers:

  • To support the maintenance teams present, for heavy or additional work

  • To replace colleagues on leave or absent

  • To provide support for the start-up of new services

  • To work alone on sites, especially during busy periods

The adaptability and versatility of the mobile maintenance technician

Being mobile requires a high degree of adaptability on the part of the technician, who must be able to quickly find his or her feet in different working environments and regularly communicate with new contacts.

I mainly travel to sites in the Ile-de-France region, but I can occasionally be called upon to provide back-up at any site in France, as was the case in Provence recently. I work with different teams on a wide variety of equipment, which is what makes my job exciting!”

By going to several sites, Yancoubou maintains a wide variety of logistics tools. In fact, Viapost's teams maintain more than 30 types of equipment such as sorters, cardboard machines, pallets, conveyors, storage systems, palletisers, OCR reading systems, etc.

Mobile service technicians therefore have multi-equipment and multi-brand skills.

Join Viapost as a Maintenance Technician

As part of the development of its activity, Viapost is recruiting maintenance technicians and mobile maintenance technicians on permanent contracts throughout France.

In 2022, 40 joined Viapost as maintenance technicians.

The 37 sites in France maintained by our technicians offer real opportunities for geographical mobility, technological mobility and internal promotion to supervisor or team leader positions.

Discover our job offers or apply directly via our "career" page.

To find out more about Viapost's expertise in logistics, industrial maintenance and transport, click here.

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