Viapost intensifies its CSR activities with Log'ins

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At its Chilly-Mazarin (Essonne) platform, the logistics service provider Viapost (La Poste group) has been hosting seven disabled workers since December as part of a partnership with Log'ins, the association launched by the Ares group and XPO Logistics in 2011 to support people in the logistics sector who are recognised as disabled workers and excluded from the labour market.

At the end of the first two months of integration, the results are very positive"

The objective is as much to strengthen its CSR approach as to provide a solution to its recruitment problems. "At the end of the first two months of integration, the results are very positive" says Patrice Moreau, director of the Chilly-Mazarin site. These new employees, who are Log'ins employees, have a fixed-term contract as a steppingstone, signed for a period of 7 months, renewable up to 24 months, at the end of which they can either join Viapost or another company. They are supervised by a team leader trained by the logistics specialist and carry out operations to receive and sort the returns of press classified as undeliverable before forwarding them to the routers (one of Viapost's historical activities). It should be noted that the service provider has already entered into an initial partnership with Ares to employ seven people working towards social reintegration at its Chelles site in Seine-et-Marne.



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