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Viapost Transport Management

Multi-channel road transport organiser

In an increasingly multi-channel context, our customers, retailers and manufacturers need to make transport of all their flows part of an effective overall strategy for the benefit of their customers. This is our driving force at Viapost Transport Management.

As a transport organiser, we provide you, from our seven regional agencies, with a solution aimed at optimising all your needs. Our staff (charterers, buyers, administrative and operational teams, customer-needs engineers and sales people) put all their expertise at your disposal so that your customers will receive shipments on time and at the best price.

As specialists in multi-channel transport, we can meet all your needs through our transport and engineering offers : 

  • Pallet delivery service for your flows from 1 to 6 pallets.
  • Freight management for your flows of 7 to 33 pallets with partial (LTL) and complete (FTL) deliveries and your chartering service.
  • Flow management to outsource the organisation and deployment of your BtoB transport activity from start to finish.
  • Flow engineering to support your development projects and optimise your transport plans as well as conducting your public tender offers for transport purchasing.

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