Transport management
Our expertise

Agile solutions to meet your transport needs

Whatever your transport needs, our 90 employees will put their skills at your disposal and bring you lasting and reliable solutions through one or more of our offers. Our driving force is the guarantee of a high level of service all through the year and in all seasons (level of transport service > 99% and an NPS 2016 of 56.25. Certification ISO 9001). That is why we work with almost 700 partner transport companies operating all over the country to deliver your goods at the best price and in line with your constraints and deadlines.

Pallet Transport

Management of your BtoB freight transport packed on 1 to 6 pallets, in France and towards Europe.

Freight Management

We take care of your flow transport from 7 to 33 pallets ( FTL and LTL) and we offer you chartering solutions in France and towards the European Union.


Flow management

We organize and manage your BtoB transport activity from start to finish : conception and optimisation of the transport plans, purchases, management and implementation, management and reporting of the plans of progress, establishment at the customer’s location.

Flow Engineering

We support you in your transport development and optimisation projects.