We make the maintenance of your industrial logistic equipment possible, thanks to the multi-technology knowledge of our teams.

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Industrial maintenance

Industrial maintenance enverywhere in France

Entrust us with

your industrial maintenance

We maintain your sorting, conveying and assembly solutions to ensure the continuity and constant improvement of your logistics activity.

  • Posted team

    Our technicians are integrated into the heart of your business daily. They work in permanent contact with your logistics teams.

  • Partial presence

    Our technicians carry out regular, agreed or ad hoc interventions at your request (weekly rounds, preventive maintenance, on-call duty, etc.).

  • Tailor-made intervention

    Our technicians intervene at your location, following a precise request and quote.



Our technicians have a multi-technology knowledge of all kinds of industrial equipment, whatever the brand. They are regularly trained by the manufacturers to increase their skills and to keep their knowledge up to date.

Sorting systems

Conveyor and telescopic systems

OCR reading systems and video coding

Order picking solutions

Low and high speed assembly machines



We are convinced that an industrial maintenance solution that guarantees the availability of logistics equipment, its optimization and cost control depends above all on your partner.


A global

We offer several maintenance solutions to control machine downtime and costs

Preventive maintenance

Constant and periodic maintenance, inspection and control of equipment

Corrective maintenance

When a fault is detected, troubleshooting (palliative maintenance) or repair (curative maintenance)


Analysis and diagnosis of problems by a team of technical experts

Maintenance methods

CMMS*, spare parts management, inventory and supply, supplier sourcing and countertypeing**, method audit and performance reporting

* You can use Viapost CMMS for the duration of the contract or use your own tool, including in both cases, a start-up engineering phase. ** optimisation of the purchase price

Our industrial maintenance activity

by and for logistics

We put our experience gained on our own industrial tools as well as on our customers' equipment at your disposal. We make it possible, and it happens through each of us.

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Industrial maintenance activities at Viapost?

We design new sorting systems. We develop partnerships with new manufacturers. We expand our facilities. We implement continued improvements in machine performance.

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We have complementary solutions that you can combine with the industrial maintenance that you entrust with.

  • We manage your logistics

    We ensure the sorting of your items and the picking of your orders to offer you customised performance.

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  • Assistant transport telephone Viapost
    We organise your road transport

    We negotiate and supervise for you the road transportation of your merchandise to assist you to the very end with the best prices and delivery times.

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