Industrial maintenance

Entrust us with

your industrial maintenance

We maintain your sorting, conveying and assembly solutions to ensure the continuity and constant improvement of your logistics activity.

  • Responsive intervention services

    Our technicians can operate at one or more industrial facilities in their geographical area in order to intervene quickly 

  • Integrated services at our customer’s premises

    Our technicians work on a daily basis in your activities. They work in permanent connection with your logistics teams. 



We offer you the skills we’ve acquired. Our technicians are trained in different technologies to guarantee their technical versatility

Mobile tippers and Transit systems

Conveying systems


Sorting and assembing systems

OCR reading frames



We believe that on-going maintenance is a key performance factor. That’s why we perform ours in house. Our teams maintain :

20high-speed and medium-speed sorters

1high-speed assembler

32bulk transit systems and tippers

20OCR reading frames

The scope of

our offer

Our maintenance solution is provided through industrial platforms where we operate mechanised logistics operations.

Contract kick-off engineering

Equipment audits

Operating time analysis

Service scheduling for corrective maintenance

Malfunction diagnostics and repair

Preventive, predictive and curative maintenance

Performance of tasks and checks

Set up of evaluation and monitoring indicators


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Industrial maintenance activities at Viapost?

We design new sorting systems. We develop partnerships with new manufacturers. We expand our facilities. We implement continued improvements in machine performance.

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We have complementary solutions that you can combine with the industrial maintenance that you entrust with.

  • We manage your logistics

    We ensure the sorting of your items and the picking of your orders to offer you customised performance.

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  • We organise your road transport

    We negotiate and supervise for you the road transportation of your merchandise to assist you to the very end with the best prices and delivery times.

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