Road transport company

Entrust us with

your transport

We buy and supervise the regular and exceptional transport of your merchandise under the best possible terms and conditions.

Each flow type has

its TMS

Viapost has a project management team of twenty employees to deploy the right TMS to your facilities quickly and efficiently, guaranteeing data protection.

For flows handled as pallet groups 

For regular flows in LTL/FTL

For irregular freight forwarding flows

Means and methods scaled

to your needs

We have the agility of an SME and the power of a large road transport organiser to help you with all your road transport needs, no matter how irregular or urgent, either in small or large quantities, in France or in Europe. We offer customised methods to guarantee that you can provide the greatest satisfaction to your customers and your points of sale.

Our transport activity

For all your needs

We can meet all your transport needs, whether for freight, palletised transport or flow management, using a mix of green energy to limit the environmental impact of our activity.

A transport

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transport activities
at Viapost?

We attract new customers. We maintain a close relationship with them. We develop partnerships with new transporters. We take environmental concerns into account for our solutions. We continuously update our IT tools to make sure they are the latest.

Work with us and meet these challenges ! 
We recruit
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a company

that understands you

We have complementary solutions that you can combine with the road transport subcontracting that you entrust us with.

  • We manage your logistics

    We ensure the sorting of your items and the picking of your orders to offer you customised performance

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  • Technicien de maintenance Viapost
    We maintain your logistics tools

    We maintain your sorting, conveying and assembly tools to ensure that your logistics activity continues uninterrupted and constantly improves.

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