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Nearly 2,500 men and women work at Viapost. We are united around the values that are deeply rooted in our history and that guide us every day. If you share them as well, we are looking for talent... why not yours ? 



We adapt our organisation and methods by relying on a comprehensive knowledge of specific professional practices.


We configure the sorting systems, professional equipment, and IT tools. We innovate to improve efficiency and workplace comfort. 


We train our skilled and experienced teams, who are motivated by challenges and invested in the result. Determination and solidarity drive us every day.


We implement all-terrain solutions that can handle increased activity, emergencies and unknown circumstances.

Our HR


We are a collection of personalities who have come together for Viapost. We benefit from our diversity in origin, age, gender, qualification, etc. We are committed to equal opportunities because at Viapost, we are all involved in success.

  • We are committed to recruiting people with disabilities and adapting their post to their individual needs.

  • We are committed to training everyone in our professions and helping the youth in the professional world.

  • We are committed to providing men and women access to all of our professions and at every level of the company.
    * Gender diversity index 2019 (on the year 2018) of STP and Neolog, two of the logistics business unit of Viapost.
    ** Gender diversity index 2020 (on the year 2019) of Viapost Transport Management, the transport business unit of Viapost.

We want to encourage in-house mobility and the development of our employees.

  • We are committed to having our employees benefit from their right to training.

  • We are committed to training our employees in transport regulations and their changes.

  • We are committed to training all employees who want to become tutors so that they can train new hires in the knowledge of logistics technical professional practices. 

  • We are committed to offering our employees open posts to promote in-house mobility.  

  • We are committed to studying each development project.

We strive to give our managers the resources so they can effectively fulfill their role as training facilitators.

  • We are committed to training them in the role of manager.

  • We are committed to giving them Executive Blue Belt (EBB) certification.

  • We are committed to involving them in the health and safety of their teams

  • We are committed to helping them perform daily briefings.

  • We are committed to teaching them to analyse problems and resolve them.


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