23 candidates for the Viapost Awards 2022

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Another great year for the Viapost Awards competition, which rewards the actions carried out by Viapost's teams, with 23 applications submitted.

Have you heard about the Viapost Awards?

This competition rewards the actions carried out by Viapost's teams throughout France, with four main prizes and one special prize:

> The Environmental and Social Initiative Award

> The Performance and Operational Excellence Award

> The Safety Action Award

> The Communication Ambassador Award

> The Jury's Encouragement Prize


An internal committee of employees, representing all of Viapost's business lines, voted on the 23 projects submitted this year, 7 more than last year. Find out more about the rewarded and inspiring actions.

Environmental and Social Initiative Award

This is an action that favours the reduction of environmental impact, and encourages diversity, inclusion, local work, accessibility and the quality of life of employees.

Congratulations to the Chilly-Mazarin logistics platform for setting up recycling actions for 63 pairs of safety shoes and 20 containers for the benefit of the association La Mie de Pain.



Also competing in this category were:

> The Angers logistics platform with the creation of a charging point for electric scooters

> The Joué-Lès-Tours logistics platform following the creation of a shared library built entirely from recycled materials and a donation to the Restos du Cœur.

Performance and Operational Excellence Awards

This is an action that improves customer relations, work organisation and productivity.

Congratulations to the Communication & Marketing Department and the Head Office Information Systems Department for the implementation of AMD (Arrivals/Mobilities/Departures), a tool for managing and monitoring the entry, mobility and exit of staff.



Other candidates in this category include:

> The Brive-La-Gaillarde logistics platform for the creation of a training area for new arrivals
> The Rennes logistics platform for the implementation of a digital report on field trips
> The Joué-Lès-Tours logistics platform for their new loading area for handling equipment

Safety Action Award

This is an action that develops prevention and safety for employees.

Congratulations to the industrial maintenance teams at logistics sites for their design, using recycled material, of an ergonomic container that prevents musculoskeletal disorders.



Also note the participation of:

> The Angers logistics platform for its two actions on the prevention of accidents linked to musculoskeletal disorders: the 0 accident challenge and a musical challenge to work various muscles in teams.
> The Brive-La-Gaillarde logistics platform for the use of a UV unit to clean shared equipment during the COVID crisis
> The Chilly-Mazarin logistics platform for the creation of a training area for the use of containers
> The integrated logistics team in Rennes for the development of a safety trolley as a mobile training aid.

Communication Ambassador Award

This is an action that enhances the circulation of information internally or the image of the Viapost brand externally.

Congratulations to Lucile BERNARD of the Joué-Lès-Tours logistics platform for her communication actions, both externally, by sharing the news from her site on LinkedIn, and internally, for her tools for disseminating information to employees.



Others in competition: 

> The Joué-Lès-Tours platform with an "open day" for temporary workers to discover the logistics work environment
> The Angers logistics platform for its LinkedIn posts on the life of the site and its daily challenges

Jury Encouragement Prize

This is a special award for the commitment of the teams.

Congratulations to the Velaux logistics platform for their 3 actions: the installation of "good practice" signs at workstations, the setting up of a training area for the use of containers and an unbeatable safety chart enabling supervisors to discuss various topics with their teams using "turnkey" sheets.



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