The Viapost platform in Brive-la-Gaillarde focuses on pre-integration

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The integration period within a company is a strategic moment. But on the Viapost platform in Brive-la-Gaillarde, the teams have gone even further by working on the pre-integration stage of their temporary candidates. 

Two complementary actions :
In groups of 6 people, the candidates are first invited to : 
• A presentation of Viapost 
• A visit of the building
• An awareness of safety and operating rules session

And since its inauguration last week, these candidates go through the "DOJO", an area marked out and used for educational purposes. In this area, the following are displayed:                                          
• The safety instructions 
• The rules of operation of the site
• The missions of the different posts 
• The correct gestures and postures
• A presentation of the Apollo program
• CSR awareness: waste sorting, etc.

The DOJO is also a "training site" where the candidates:
• Try their hand at handling the various containers and tools they may be required to use 
• Are put in real situation at the posts 

Like the employees and temporary workers already on the job, the trainees also take part in the briefing and the muscular awakening session. 

The DOJO's mainspring

This method is part of the continuous improvement process known as Apollo at Viapost and aims to :
• Reduce accidents, by raising awareness even before starting an assignment at Viapost
• Limiting turnover by presenting and testing out the jobs 
• Make people prefer Viapost, through the care given during the pre-integration 

This pre-integration program was designed and created by current employees, who know the missions and what they entail on a daily basis. The volunteers are also in charge of welcoming and guiding the temporary candidates.

"It's an opportunity to train potential newcomers, while at the same time enhancing the value and responsibility of our employees by giving them the opportunity to share their knowledge. It's a win-win situation" explains Lionel Soulier, Quality and Safety Coordinator at Brive.

The first results of this program

At the end of the first session, the feedback was positive.
The combination of the visit to the platform, the role-playing exercises and the theoretical elements presented in the DOJO have given the candidates more confidence. 

An assessment will be made in a few sessions to measure the effectiveness of this program.