Viapost expands its logistics and maintenance "in situ" offer

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“To complete the development of this new activity, we have surrounded ourselves with an experienced team that we are constantly training. Our technicians operate on several sites in their geographical area daily or are directly located with our customers, in situ, at the heart of their business.” Martial Martin, Viapost's Director of Maintenance Operations.

Viapost logistics team directly on customers’ sites

Viapost has been offering its customers "in situ" logistics and industrial maintenance services for the past year.

Viapost has been offering its customers "in situ" logistics and industrial maintenance services for the past year. These integrated on-site customer services meet the tailored needs of businesses. Currently, 13 Integrated Logistics Teams (ILTs) are already located with its customers. These teams can be a combination of logistics and industrial maintenance teams. A total of 20 technicians are involved in the maintenance and optimization of sorting, conveying and assembly solutions. They are established on the industrial sites of companies whose logistics Viapost manages.

A flexible logistics and maintenance offer

Viapost offers manual and mechanized sorting of flows of goods to and from France and internationally, receiving flows, unloading trucks (bulk, pallets or containers), mechanized and/or manual sorting, managing "non-standard" formats, and loading sorted flows into trucks with space optimization. It also manages the preparation of orders.

Colissimo and Alizon Industrie for customers

In situ services are a way to maintain a geographical link with existing logistics locations. Viapost has a network of 30 platforms and 14 integrated logistics teams at its customers’ sites, and has over 2,500 employees.

Today, Viapost counts Colissimo among its customers. They entrusted Viapost with the maintenance of "new generation" sorters. Other e-commerce customers such as Alizon Industrie have also used Viapost's in situ services.



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