Henri's career path - Mobility testimony

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Internal mobility is an essential part of Viapost’s Human Resources policy: it allows talent to emerge and develop. In 2021, it affected more than 150 employees. This new format will present you with a multitude of internal career paths.

We begin with the testimony of Henri, who joined Viapost 30 years ago.

His career at Viapost

Henri's career path is rich in opportunities for development and mobility within Viapost. 

> 1992: joined Viapost as a student on sorting assignments at a logistics platform 
> 1995: Team Leader
> 1998: Activity Manager successively at the Saint-Ouen, Gonesse and Le Bourget sites
> 2004: Operations Manager at the Orly site, then contributor to the project to open the Chelles site
> 2012: Director of the Chilly-Mazarin platform
> 2018: Press/PPI Network Operations Director
> Since 2019: Logistics Network Manager

Over the years, Henri has been able to discover new environments and working methods and has also met many new colleagues. This increase in skills, both professional and personal, has enabled him to quickly obtain positions of responsibility. His career path now gives him a cross-functional view of Viapost's activities and a strong corporate culture.

Mobility means meeting new challenges, as Henri shows:

Mobility at Viapost is an opportunity to participate in new projects, discover new activities and build the future of Viapost.
The elements that led to the success of his internal mobility

Internal mobility is the possibility of building one's own future and actively contributing to that of one's company. It is both an opportunity and a challenge. It is also an asset for Viapost, which can bring out and develop talent. 

Viapost's support, through a number of training modules, has enabled Henri to acquire the tools necessary for the new responsibilities he has been given and to develop his personal qualities. He was able to meet the company's challenges, manage his employees and contribute to their development and success.

Viapost's offers

Looking for a new challenge?

Check out our job offers or apply via our "careers" section.

To find out more about Viapost's expertise in logistics, industrial maintenance and transport, go here.



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