Viapost and Colissimo handle 30% more parcels

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Two other sorters

At the Viapost platform in Toulouse, the Sort & Move sorter model, an economical, modular and transportable sorter, was configured and put into service to provide an additional sorting capacity of 130,000 parcels/day.
The Viapost logistics platform in Saint-Thibault-des-Vignes (77) has been equipped with a SIP (Small Import Parcels of less than two kilos) workshop dedicated to small goods and sorting for retail outlets, with an additional capacity of 75,000 goods per day.

Viapost recorded a 30% increase in its parcels business and a 20% increase in its merchandise business at the end of last year. The logistics company introduced four new sorters, two of which are only for its Colissimo client.
Installed last October, these new sorters provide additional sorting capacity for more than 300,000 parcels and small goods per day, enough to absorb the new appetite for online shopping following the health crisis.
Viapost's latest industrial innovation, the Sort & Drive sorter, has enabled 50,000 parcels to be sorted by delivery round on the Colissimo platform at Liévin (62) and a load of 35,000 parcels at Argonay (74), with loading directly into last-mile delivery vehicles.



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